Guac And Beans

I had recently started this job three weeks ago and so far it’s been a pretty simple job. I have to use my communication & collaboration.



In the first week of summer I have joined the crew at North Plank Road.  What I’ve learned from working this job is that collaboration and communication is very important. Without well-mannered communication between collages the work would not be completed in time or well. And in order to get thing to work  well I need to collaborate with many other people.

Example Of My Writing

Link of personal narrative . In English my teacher had assigned a personal narrative to us and many people choose to not get deep with it.. But when I get the chance to expose or share my inner thought and my mindset I always take advantage of this. So I choose to write from my heart where pain hurts the most. The type of pain we create with our minds for no reason off of  not explainable feelings.


Algebra- Overall  Grade Is Approximately 80 Average

  • Is one of my strengths.
  • Next year my teacher told me i’m on the list of being put into college classes.

English- Overall Grade Is Approximately 90 Average

  • I have great and accurate vocabulary.
  • Is another strength of mine.
  • I’m good when it comes to expressing my opinion and gaining the correct information to support it.

Environmental Science- Overall Grade Is Approximately 77 Average

  • The main focus in this class has made it a bit hard for me to stay interested.

Social Studies- Overall Grade Is Approximately 72 Average

  • One of my weaknesses.
  • I have a hard time remember all the details and information needed or test.
  • Also I have a hard time keeping up with all the information learned.


I’m a very artistic and creative person. My muse is art, music, poetry, and choreography. I was raised in a very religious family. Every Friday if I can make it I attend a church’s youth group. Occasionally on a normal day I enjoy reading books and keeping up with my vocabulary.

My Future

Iv’e join P Tech in order to gain a future in technology. P Tech is an amazing opportunity and more people should attempt to join or get involved somehow.Being able to earn college credits only in my second year of high school is amazing. Not only does P Tech help you gain a future it helps build you up for a better one.